Victor Montiverdi






Victor Montiverdi was born on the East Side, Grafton Hill section of Worcester Massachusetts where he still resides. He graduated from Worcester Vocational Technical H.S. in 1983. Vic started playing the drums at age 12 studying with the late Phil Salah, then later with James Kelley. He was a fill-in drummer for a number of years performing locally in various Top 40 bands. Earlier projects include The Chase, Heart & Soul and Fuzion. Vic currently plays the Roland TD12 KX Electronic kit. Musical interests: Funk, Rock and Fusion.

**On a more personal note, I would like to thank Panache for this opportunity. My Fiancé Kelly, me and our family are all looking forward to meeting the Panache family and friends network. Lastly, I would like to wish the very best to my friend and predecessor Jimmy Kelley.  A true talent.**

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